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Month 1: Southeast Asian Flavors

For the past couple weeks of September, I have been visiting family and touring Singapore's rich sights, smells and sounds. Honestly I feel like the 10 days I was there was 1 giant mukbang. For any family or friends who brought us out to eat reading this, just wanted to reiterate my thanks for feeding us and showing us around. It has been a while since I've been back and we really appreciated all of your suggestions and were grateful of your generosity. I can't remember the last time I've consumed my body weight in food (an exaggeration but it felt like that).

This month I am going to try to focus most of the recipes on Southeast Asia, inspired by this trip. Most, if not all of these recipes, will be new to me in terms of making the dish. I've been fortunate to eat some of them before, but I've not yet tried my hand at recreating them. These dishes will mostly be focused on the Singapore-Malaysian foods and recipes that I have come across in cookbooks, the web, attempts at recreating foods I ate during my time there, and a special recipe from my grandmother.

A breakfast at Adams Road Food Centre of Laksa, Curry Puffs and Masala Chai.

Look out for new posts this month focusing on southeast Asian recipes. I'll be coming to you soon with some new recipes!

Laksa is from Adam Fishball Noodle and the curry puffs and masala chai is from one of the drink stalls.

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