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Challenge Yourself

That's what I told myself when I started this journey. I had started a food blog before but had given up, due lacking the time to write and manage a website; but my love of food remained. What I want to do with Recipe Discover is learn what invoked the passion I have with food. I need to spend the time, roll up my sleeves, and get my hands dirty.

What makes a great sourdough? What are the elements to consider when fusing food elements from different cultures? What recipes can I discover hunting through forgotten cookbooks? These are the questions I will consider as I dive into my local grocery stores to perfect my dish.

And Eat it too.

Berry Pies
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Hear It From The Horses Mouth


Food is a big part of family, especially in my culture. That's the only time when everyone gets together is to eat. I love to cook and create things, but I made excuses for myself or lacked the time to prepare and document the meals I made. This blog is not only a journal to showcase the food I have created and/or eaten, but also a tool to hold myself accountable. I hope my posts are informative and enjoyable to peruse. Reader, thanks for viewing my site, and I hope you'll be back!

Off to prowl around for my next dish.

- Matt Erickson

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